Term paper on all people are different

We are often unaware of the fact that all people are different and we cannot treat them in absolutely the same way. In fact, each individual is unique and has his/her own, unique identity but we often view people as if they are similar to us. Therefore, we perceive them as equal and, in such a context, any difference from our standards makes us feel uncomfortable, while people whom we perceive being different face a risk of becoming outcasts in our community. Frankly speaking, I used to think that all people should live in accordance with standards and rules, which I perceived as a norm. However, during my high school years I have realized that I have to perceive people as they are because they are different from me and it is very important to be tolerant to such differences.

In this respect, I should say that, while being at high school, I believed that people representing lower social classes could hardly succeed because their educational level was consistently lower and they had little opportunities to get higher education. However, I have changed my mind dramatically when I get acquainted with a student, which immigrated to the US from Mexico and who proved to be very successful at school. In fact, this student had to overcome not only numerous socioeconomic challenges since he lived in a low-income family and he told me that his elder siblings had been working hard, but he preferred studying at school. Even though such a choice made the position of his family even more difficult, he was determined to continue his education and I was really impressed by his intellectual power. In such a way, he made me respecting people even if they had a different social status or cultural background since I knew that all people could succeed.

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