Term paper on my high school experience

When I recall my high school experience, I often have some nostalgic feelings which bring me back to the past, which was probably the best part of my life so far. At the same time, on analyzing my high school experience I should admit that this experience proved very useful for my personal growth. In this respect, my participation in a Shakespearian play, which was once staged at my school, was particularly important for my personal development.

In fact, I did not like theatre and I just saw a couple of plays until the moment when I got an opportunity to play in the play based on Shakespeare’s “Henry VI”. I played a part of Duke of Suffolk and it was a great experience because I had to become a character I was supposed to play. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed reading and I knew the play pretty well for I read “Henry VI”, but I had never thought of playing a part in this play. I was surprised as I found out that the play we acted on the stage was different from what I read because I needed to understand my character, the historical context, norms and traditions of the epoch to play naturally.

As a result, I learned a lot about England of Henry VI and I broadened my knowledge of the life of people at the epoch. At the same time, the part of Duke Suffolk made me think of such themes as treason, hypocrisy and the impact of power on a person. I guess it is due to this play I started to view the life in a bit different way for I understood that there are some moral values which cannot be measured physically, but which are essential for the spiritual life of an individual and the balance of his internal world.

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