Term paper on Poor Customer Service

In the contemporary business environment, customer service plays an extremely important role since it defines the public image of the company and its customer relationships. In such a context, the current problems in company-customer relationships provoked by the poor customer services are very disturbing. At any rate, the company has a poorly developed customer service which cannot meet the customers; needs and wants, unable to provide customer services of the high quality and it is not open to changes.

First of all, the company’s customer service has failed to adequately assess and evaluate customer needs and wants. In actuality, the inability of the customer service to identify basic needs and wants of customers leads to the overall failure of the company because it starts losing its loyal customers. For instance, recently, within the last six months, the company has lost 2% of its loyal customers, who felt disappointed with the services they received from the company. In addition, services the company provides to customers are out of date and they are not competitive compared to customer services provided by the major rivals of the company. Finally, the analysis of customers’ dissatisfaction revealed the fact that customer expected to receive new services, while the company entirely focused on the provision of traditional services without introduction of any new service, such as online services introduced by competitors. As a result, the customer service failed to meet customer needs and wants.

Furthermore, in the contemporary business environment, the quality of customer service is particularly important, but the company’s customer service is unable to maintain the high quality of services at the moment that undermines its competitive position in the market. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the number of customers’ complaints related to the customer service has increased dramatically in recent months. Hence, the quality of the customer service is poor. In addition, many customers point out that they have not noticed the improvement of the quality of the customer services within the last year. This means that the customer service does not improve the quality of services provided for customers and, therefore, it is unlikely to improve the competitive position of the company in the nearest future. Another manifestation of the poor quality of the customer service is the lack of the new services which could be superior in quality compared to existing ones. In such a way, in terms of the quality of services, the customer service demonstrates conservatism which affects negatively the quality of services.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that conservatism and opposition to changes is another manifestation of the poor customer service. In this regard, the existence of the informal leader within the customer service, which opposes to initiatives of the formal leader, is one of the most serious problems preventing the customer service from changes. In addition, there are simply no changes in the customer service in quantitative terms since, as it has been already mentioned above, there are no new services. Moreover, internal conflicts within the customer service increase the opposition to changes. In such a way, the customer service is highly resistant to changes.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that the customer service suffers from serious problems. The low quality of customer service, customer dissatisfaction and resistance to changes make the customer service inefficient and undermines the overall marketing position of the company.

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