Term paper on popular places of Atlanta

Basically, it is quite difficult to explain the essence of our life on the planet to aliens for one day only. Nevertheless, if they attended Atlanta, I would attempt to show them principal places which uncover the key elements of our culture and social life. In such a way, they would be able to get insight concerning the organization of our society, our social relations and culture.

For this purpose I would like to make them acquainted with some of popular places of Atlanta which are attended regularly by a large number of people. For instance, it is possible to start with the city’s Piedmont Park, which is the largest park of Atlanta. In such a way, I would show that people are very concerned with nature and they attempt to create special places where they can spend their time being in harmony with their natural environment. At the same time, aliens will learn a little bit about our nature.

Furthermore, I would show them the World of Coca-Cola Museum to give them insight on our culture since Coca-Cola has become a symbol of modern culture. In addition, on attending the museum, they will get acquainted with our nutrition habits. Also, I would like to show them the High Museum of Art to get them acquainted with our creativity and art. It would be noteworthy for them to attend the Georgia Dome where they could learn how people entertain and what a role sport plays in our life. In addition, I would show them the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to show the achievement of our science. Finally, I would show them Atlanta City Hall and the Georgia State Capitol to get them acquainted with our political and social system.

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