Term paper on the gap between the skill set and technical knowledge

Today, the problem of effective accounting is one of the most serious challenges to modern organizations. In this respect, George Victor raises the problem of the gap between the skill set and technical knowledge, which accounting graduates and employers view in a different way. In fact, employers have high expectations and they expect to get professionals who are ready to work effectively in the current business environment, while graduates expect that employers’ demand will not be too high. At the same time, it is obvious that accountants need to adapt to the constantly and rapidly changing environment in order to be able to compete in the labor market. On the other hand, accounting companies also need to help graduates to adapt to the actual challenges and demands of their employers and help them to work effectively.

On analyzing possible solutions of this problem the author suggests to take into consideration skill-sets needs in practice. In fact, the theoretical information graduate accountants have learned should be backed up by theoretical knowledge that will make them more efficient professionals.

At the same time, accountant graduates should develop a large scope of skills beyond technical skills. This will help them to improve their performance and, what is more, it will help them to overcome possible difficulties or simply avoid them because the more skills they have the easier they will adapt to their workplace demands.

In this respect, accountants should pay a particular attention to time management. The effective planning can contribute to the higher efficiency of work of accountants. Also young professionals need to develop problem solving skills, research skills, and paper work skills.

Thus, young accountants will come prepared to the work in the real business.

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