Thank You Essay


On behalf of the whole family, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your help and support in the course of a complex trial, my sister was brought to. It is anything but a secret that the word trial has two meanings, and it is not accidental, as it turned out that the trial was not only a formal examination of evidence in court of law to decide if the accused is guilty or not, for us it became a symbolic process of testing the abilities and inner strength. It may be justly called a trial on the roads of a long life journey, but the challenge we came across barred our way and we stopped, but You managed to be at the helm and drove us in the right place, You proved my sister’s innocence and established the guilt of the criminal.

Due to Your remarkable competence, extraordinary ability to penetrate into the core of the matter, to investigate it and cover clues, thanks to Your resourcefulness, perceptive communication, dedication to proving innocence and creativity in finding constructive solutions we presently enjoy the fruits of Your professionalism. Paraphrasing the words of George Washington Carver, I accentuate that for us Your expertise became a key to unlock the golden door of freedom. You set us free from the injustice which has fallen upon us and gave us a chance to formulate the available choices and to argue them over.

It goes without saying that pouring out our thanks just does not seem to be enough for all the help You gave to the family. Thanks again for the priceless gift which blossoms in our hearts like a gorgeous flower in a well-groomed bed.


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