The Biggest Challenge of My Generation

I often hear elderly people saying that my generation is worth than the older generation, but I think that such a view on my generation is superficial and unjust. In fact, I cannot say that my generation is worse or better than any other generation, but what I can say for sure is that our generation faces new challenges elderly people have never faced. In my opinion, the major challenge of my generation is the lack of ideology or set of values which could clearly define where we are moving to and what we are living for.

In this respect, I should say that each epoch has its own ideology and set of values. In the Middle Ages, there was religion, which defined all spheres of human life. My parents and grandparents lived in the epoch of the Cold War when the democratic community struggled against bad guys from the Soviet Bloc. Unfortunately, today, I cannot say that there is any such ideology or set of values which could lay the ideological foundation for our existence, which could clearly explain what is good and what is bad, who are right and who are wrong.

In stark contrast, my generation grew up in the epoch of devaluation of all existing ideologies. In fact, even democracy, which is the basis of the modern Western civilization, cannot provide us with some plausible set of values and introduce moral and ethical principles which could guide us. In fact, we do not have those rules of the game according to which we should play in our life.

Thus, traditional values tend to disappear in the rapidly changing world and the main challenge of my generation is to preserve humanism and basic humanistic values, which we inherited from past generations, that may be done through the establishment of new some post-modernism ideology which can allow people realize their full potential regardless of their beliefs and ideals.

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