The Civil War Term Paper

I’m a citizen of the United States of America and I want to express you my opinion about the Kansas-Nebraska Act which was accepted in 1854. I can’t be silent in such important for our country moment. I want to show you my thoughts and I believe that my words will be necessary maybe not for you, but for the other people. I know that your newspaper always try to show all events in real light and you will read my letter.

This Kansas-Nebraska Act has historical meaning for the next generation, but now it is awful situation in our country. What we should do?

How we can live if such waves of civil emotions cover all our country? Why it was important to sign this act? I don’t want to support this act and I think that it divided country in two parts or correctly to say on two straight opposite camps of people, who want to be powerful and have slaves and of people, who want to live in free country, where all people have equal rights and be sure in their prosperous future.

Our government made a big mistake when this act was accepted and it strengthened political polarization and instrumental in the dismissal of the former party system and origin of new political situation. Vigi, the North wing of which insisted on the synonymous waiver of slavery, lost support on South, and party disintegrated. A political vacuum was filled by again well-educated Republican Party which organized resistance a law Kansas-Nebraska.  Now all nation is waiting for the awful this act results and preparing to Civil war. I don’t want to listen to the words of our politicians; I want to see their real actions and live in peace.

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