The drinking age essay

The legal age for consumption-based drinks alcohol is the legally established minimum age for an individual may purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. This age varies greatly from country to country and may even exist in certain countries. Sometimes, the legal age depends on the location where consumption takes place or if the person is accompanied by an adult, among other conditions.

I think that college presidents may want to debate this issue because it disturbs many people and this may be a real problem for students. It will be interesting to discuss and debate this issue, because there are many points of view considering the drinking age of the modern youth. Personally I think that the drinking age should not be lowered from 21 to 18 years. Many young people drink at very early age and they do not think about restrictions- they have elder friends who buy them alcohol. The challenge is to prove the youth that drinking alcohol does not make them more adults or better people. Vice a versa- they become people without perspectives, without knowledge, family and without a job, as described in The Drinking Age Debate: Time to Go From 21 to 18, But It’s Not an Easy Call.

It should be noted that 14 million U.S. residents – or one thirteenth American adults – are alcoholics. A few more millions of Americans consume alcohol regularly and in such large quantities that are on the verge of alcoholism.

Annually, alcohol abuse and drug use causes the death of 120 thousand U.S. residents. According to the Ministry of Health of USA \ US Department of Health and Human Services, drugs and alcohol every year cause the country harm of $ 294 billion, and damage from alcohol is the lion’s share of that amount – $ 185 billion were taken into account when calculating both direct and indirect Expenditure: the cost of medicine, the maintenance of law enforcement agencies; to eliminate the impact car crashes caused by drunk drivers, to compensate victims of crimes committed by criminals in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication; in lost productivity, etc, as stated in Debate on lower drinking age bubbling up.

According to the Federal Household Survey, 48 million Americans (there are about 282 million people, nearly 80 million of them children) and consume alcoholic drinks at least once a week. Still about 52 million U.S. residents do not indulge in a drink. 32% of fans drinking at least once a year get drunk. For comparison, about 16 million Americans regularly use drugs, and 66 million – are smokers. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism \ National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 53% of U.S. residents claim that among those close to them there is a man who has serious problems with alcohol.

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