The Dust-Away Product Essay

Nowadays it is important to know about new technologies and opportunities and to use them. In the current essay I will make a report for a brand new product created. As it is known, dust has always been a problem for many people who are allergic to it. Dust causes many problems and even diseases, which is why it is important to control the dust, to clean at home and in the office and to use the pest products for that.

As a fact, residence of the average American stores for the year 190 kg of dust. Its composition depends on the house and the region of the country. In general, this gray veil, which children love so much to write on with their fingers, produces particles with more than 5,000 materials, including our skin flakes, pet dander, hair, wool, food, pollen, spores, chips, fibers, particles of insects.

A simple swipe of dust is the usual way of cleaning.  Dry cloth mainly pushes dust into corners and lifts her into the air. Even the vacuum cleaner, if it is not equipped with a special filter (high efficiency particulate trap), significant quantities of dust just scatters around the house, although, of course, remain the principal means to combat it. Why struggle with the dust? One answer, of course is for the beauty. However, dust is also harmful to health. It may contain hazardous contaminants. For example, in household dust accumulate lead compounds and pesticides. In addition, many of its components, especially the so-called dust mites, can cause allergic reactions and possibly asthma.

Hoover, as was already mentioned is the main weapon, because it really cleans the dust and does not surpass it from place to place. Then work with a damp cloth and a person can make his room almost clean. That is why appears the need to create something innovative and useful for people to take care of their homes and offices. Many companies all over the world have invented different kinds of products to satisfy the needs of a customer. Today, we will represent the new product that is considered one of the most effective in the dust control.

The innovative product – dustpan with a pen-size tube attached to the handle is very useful and very handy. It is also effective and innovative. As it has been proved, the little innovations that help to deal with a problem easily are always welcome. In the current case, I will describe the dustpan with a pen-size tube attached to the handle that picks up the dust line left after cleaning and its effectiveness.

The new product created – is a special dustpan with a pen-size tube attached to the handle that picks up the dust line left after cleaning which annoys most of the people. This tube has a wet towel rolled in it like a wipe called the dust-catcher that does the work of picking the dust line. It also snaps in for easy refill. Regarding the refill component, dustcatchers are sold separately, 24 in each package for 3 dollars the package, and they are going to be sold/located near the dustaway product, which is very convenient.

As a fact, to use the product is very simple. People, who want to clean everything, will appreciate this innovation. For example, controlling the dust and fulfilling the job up to 99%, a person sometimes forgets about 1% that can ruin everything. This 1% includes using a special dustpan with a pen-size tube attached to the handle that picks up the dust line left after cleaning. With a help of a wet towel rolled in it like a wipe called the dust-catcher the problem will disappear and the surface will become clear.

As well, the cost of this innovative product is also low, which is a big advantage fot he majority of people. Almost any person can afford to buy it and to forget about the dust. Taking care of home or office will become much simpler and interesting, with the good results and including the pleasant process. This innovative product will put the final point in the cleaning process and will give 100% result. After interviewing considerable amount of people about this innovative product, 70% of respondents said that they would like to buy it, 25 % did not understand why they need it, as they already have everything they need for cleaning, and 5% answered that they are not sure if they want to try it. Respondents also welcomed the low price of the product and stated that it would be great if the product is of a high quality, then they would definitely try it. Such feedback, considering the product that has not been released yet, is promising.

Considering the market segmentation, this product will be essential in the broad range. Taking into consideration the expected demand of the innovative product with plenty of new advantages, it can be said that the expectations will be positive considering the popularity of the product. The group of people interested in the product will include women and also men who have to take care of the offices and computers, for example. Segmentation of the consumer market can be made on several grounds: geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral, with each of these signs has its own variable. Sometimes companies to obtain comprehensive information about customers allocate segments based on a set of attributes. In the current case the segmentation can be made by demographic and psychographic grounds.

As a fact, this kind of product is compulsory in any home, because cleaning the house is very important. Each woman understands this and will find this product useful and beneficial for the cleaning. Those people who want to get good results while cleaning and surprise others with the clear furniture, will appreciate this dustpan. Behavioral ground considering the current product can determine the most important decisions that will help choose the current product. Some people may find it very useful, others, before trying it, may not think that it will be beneficial to them.

Anyway, after buying the innovative product, it will be easier for people to realize the benefits and the facts that this is indispensable.

All in all, dustpan with a pen-size tube attached to the handle along with the refill component- dustcatchers, have perspectives. Society is interested in the good-quality products with the affordable price. It can be said that this innovative product will meet the needs of people and prove its effectiveness. To sum up, all the segments for the current product are preferable, as the product can be considered must have.

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