The effects of a divorce essay

At the modern epoch, the divorce is one of the most serious social problems that American society is currently facing.

In actuality the divorce rate is constantly growing and by present days about a half of American families have passed through the process of divorce which produce a traumatizing effects on entire family, including parents and children, and society at large. I, in person, witnessed the cases when a solid family simply fell apart after the divorce and children simply lost one of their parents.

In fact, we can observe an extremely dangerous trend in American society when the divorce becomes a norm of our life, though just a few decades ago, the divorce was morally and socially unacceptable. The growing level of divorces indicates at the fact that the problem of divorce is really serious though it is possible to argue that there is nothing bad in divorce. Instead, it is just a form of personal liberty of men and women. However, I think we should view the divorce in larger terms. I should underline that the divorce undermines the basis of our social life since it plays a very significant role in the life of each family and each individual and, therefore, its impact on the entire society is inevitable. Actually, I can name a number of negative effects the divorce can produce on the life of individuals and society. For instance, the divorce deteriorates dramatically the demographic situation within the country since it prevents people from bearing children. This is why nowadays there is only one children in a family and the main reason is divorce because it makes family an extremely unstable institution. The divorce produces a negative impact on children which are simply separated from one of the parents and cannot communicate with hi or her. Such a situation causes a number of personal problems of children as well as parents, which are basically of psychological character but still.

Naturally, my opponents may argue that psychological help and less restrictive legislation could improve the communication of biological children and parents but, in my opinion, neither of these solutions turns to be fully effective as often children are influenced by one of the parents considerably. As a result, they have a totally negative view on another parent that does not live with them anymore.

I think that children could prevent parents from divorce since, if a couple had at least one child, spouses would not divorce as readily if they had not children at all. Also a very important role in the increase of divorce rate plays socio-economic instability. It is also necessary to take into consideration the level of income of spouses, since the higher income of a wife decrease the probability of divorce, as well as it is necessary to remember about cultural and educational level of spouses, their job, way of life, and many other factors.

Thus, I should say that, despite the complexity of the problem, the growth of the divorce rate inAmericashould be stopped and possibly decreased. I believe that divorce is a socially dangerous phenomenon as it ruins families and traumatize all members of the family. In this respect, I would recommend eliminating the major causes of divorces named above.

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