The Effects of Poor Management Essay

In the contemporary business environment the efficiency of management, to a significant extent defines the overall success of the marketing performance of an organization. In such a situation, poor management can have a disastrous impact on the overall organizational performance because it undermines the organizational culture as well as it decreases substantially productivity and efficiency of work of employees. Therefore, the efficient management is an essential condition of the improvement of the organizational performance and positive atmosphere within an organization.

On analyzing the problem of poor management and its effects, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that poor management is not necessarily caused by the quality of management. In fact, it can be influenced by environmental factors, such as cultural diversity which affects the management style and its efficiency. In addition, cultural barriers can become a serious obstacle on the way to the improvement of organizational performance. Poor management is characterized by the inability of managers to develop flexible management style which meets cultural needs of employees. As a result, in a culturally diverse environment, managers turns out to be unable to organize the work of employees efficiently because their poor management style does not meet cultural background of employees.

Furthermore, poor management affects quality of management and organizational performance as well as the organizational culture at large. In such a situation, it is extremely to adequately assess risks of poor management. Basically, the development of a strong and efficient leadership can prevent the problem of poor management and its negative impact on the organizational performance and work of employees. As a rule, a strong, charismatic leader encourages employees to work hard, but even the most gifted leader cannot succeed if his or her management is poor. Moreover, poor management undermines the authority of the leader and leads to the deterioration of his or her relationships with employees, who may start opposing to the leader.

Finally, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that poor management affects dramatically human resource management. In fact, poor management have a destructive impact on human resources that may lead to high level of the personnel turnover, uncertainty of employees in their future within an organization, and inability of managers to ensure a stable work of employees.

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