The Expanding Republic

Today, I strongly believe that I will have great opportunities to succeed and become a wealthy person. Since the my early childhood, my parents have been telling me that the USA is a country of great opportunities and, now, I feel that I can get consistently more opportunities than my parent had. Now, I can get the land, where I can focus on farming, while my parents had to struggle constantly for a piece of land, where they could cultivate their crops. No wonder, they lived in poverty and it is only in the course of time they had managed to stumble through all their problems and improved their economic position. At the same time, I believe that I will have much more opportunities than my parents had because within the last two decades, 1830s ”“ 1840s, the USA has expanded substantially.

In fact, I believe that the territorial expansion can boost the economic development of the USA because thousands of people got larger opportunities for the development of their business or farms. The new land always means prosperity or, at least, new opportunities.

Probably, it is because I am young and optimistic so that I believe that I will succeed. On the other hand, I get used to work hard and now I can take the land where I can work and, therefore, I can get richer. Naturally, I am not expecting to become a truly rich person, but I count for a stable and steady life and I hope I will never face poverty anymore.

At any rate, I know a lot of examples when people started a new life in a new land. For instance, some people settled in the land which used to belong to Indians, who were removed westward after the Indian Removal Act of 1830. At the same time, some people look for gold in California or attempt to start a new life in Texas, which is considered a very perspective territory. In fact, many Americans have died for this territory in the war on Mexico and now when Texas is ours, many Americans rush there in hope to find their happiness there.

As for my, I also believe that I can succeed if I move to Texas. At any rate, I am planning to go there and settle somewhere, where I can get enough land for farming. In actuality, the rapid development of agriculture in South accelerates the development of the national economy.

Even though many people say that it is North that is the future of our economy, but I, in person, believe that it is South with its agriculture, rich farm lands and plantations that will raise the USA and strengthen its economic and political power. At the same time, I believe that I will face no problems while farming somewhere in Texas. There are no serious threats from Indians or Mexicans anymore. The only problem is the slavery which makes the farming not very profitable because it is difficult to compete with land owners who have a lot of slaves. Nevertheless, the growth of abolitionist movement is likely to change the country and I think that this movement will eliminate slavery. Obviously, the abolition of slavery would definitely improve my prospects since I, being a farmer, will be more competitive and, therefore, I will be able to gain more.

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