The Federalist and Republican Eras Term paper

The Presidential elections of 1796 were of the utmost importance for the USA. Two candidates, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, stood on absolutely different ground and their vision of the future of the USA and its state system vary consistently. This is why voters should define what system they would support: the conservative system supported by John Adams or new system supported by Thomas Jefferson.

In this respect, I would vote for Thomas Jefferson, whose position was more prospective for the country compared to that of John Adams.

Basically, the position of John Adams was very conservative. He apparently did not want to take risks and reform the political and state system of the USA consistently. He used the European model and he would develop the same state system as practically all European countries had. On the one hand, it was an advantage of his Presidential campaign, while, on the other hand, it was a drawback because the USA needed reforms, while the European model had already proved its inefficiency and the Revolution in France proved that the new era had come. This was the era of Democrats, such as Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson suggested the dominant role of American people in the future state system. It was very important to strengthen the role of people and give them power to control the government of the USA because American people were different from Europeans. They got used to freedom and any limitation of their rights and liberties would likely to lead to social disturbances or even revolution. Therefore, I would vote for Thomas Jefferson because he personified the new political and state system which could make the USA a truly democratic country of freemen.

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