The Five-Paragraph Essay


The five-paragraph essay consists of five main parts, and it is a kind of essay model which very useful and convenient for writing. It helps to keep the main idea during the whole composition.

The first part ”“ is introduction. It contains thesis, general information and main idea. In introduction it is necessary to tell what you are going to talk about, summary. It helps the author to draw attention of the reader, explains, about what speech will go.

The second part ”“ is so called “first body”. You may call this paragraph as you wish in your work. This part should contain in itself the strongest and most telling argument, important example and brightest illustrations of your thoughts on a subject or actually the beginning of discourses.

The third part ”“ it is “second body”. You also can use any name for this part. In this paragraph we should to see not less strong argument than in the previous body because it needs to keep the reader in constant tension and attention. It will be good to use vivid description of the situation and illustrate it the best way.

As to the fourth part, it is the last body part and calls “third body”. This paragraph may be much weaker, than first parts. Now it is time to bring the so-so argument, not a very bright example and a common view of the general picture, which is not as advantageous as the first two, and thus giving a logical conclusion of the meditation.

The last sentence of the main body must indicate to the reader that the argument or description of the problem in an essay finished. Simultaneously, the proposal should be a “bridge” to the conclusion of the composition.

The fifth part of essay is the last one. It calls “conclusion”. The fifth part of the essay is a summarizing and generalization of conclusions. It is very important to confirm here the general thesis of the essay by means of three ideas stated in the main part. After all, it is the last chance which is given to the author to convince the reader of the correctness.

This part should consist of:  sending of the reader to “plan” designated in introduction; repetition of the main thesis of the essay ”“ but not the quote, and retelling in other words or with a hint on formulation which has already appeared in introduction; generalization of ideas from the main part of the essay; letting know the reader that discussion come to an end.

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