The Health of Americans Today essay

Life expectancy of Asian Americans is 87.3 years while African Americans averagely live 74.3 years. Asian Americans in Connecticut have life expectancy of 92.4 years and in Hawaii – 81.7 (Health in America Today, 2012).


Latinos are the ethnicity that lives a little bit less than Asian Americans 83.5 years what is almost five years longer than whites do and more than eight years longer compared with Native and African Americans. As for the information by state, their life expectancy is 89.8 in Nevada and 77.2 in Hawaii.

A person that was born in Washington, DC can live to 83.1 years what is four years longer that the date on national rate while an African American city has a life expectancy of 71 years what was common figure for Americans 40 years ago.

A person in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, in suburban DC, can expect to live ten years longer than his neighbor from West Virginia’s 3rd District, the country southern part of the state. Data from Philadelphia and Jefferson Parish, Louisiana show that young African American have more chances to die at ages 20-24 being killed than military personnel in Iraq – 5 cases per 1,000 and 4 per 1,000 respectively (Health in America Today, 2012).

Hawaiians comparing to the residents of any state in average live the longest life – 81.5 years, while Mississippi is the state with the shortest life expectancy – 74.8 years. The life expectancy of Native Americans from Dakota, Alaska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Montana, and Michigan is at the level of 50s when people lived until their late sixties.

Longer life cannot be also insured by higher expenditures. For instance, the state Utah takes place among 10 states with the longest life expectancy being just on the 39th in earnings, while Maryland is the 3rd state with the expenditures but only takes 33rd place in life expectancy.


Life Expectancy by Congressional District


To extend life expectancy for all Americans it is necessary:

– To reduce differences: To make the conditions in which the person grows up, works and get old and which has the great impact on long and health life similar. Such social and economic differences as low wages and poor education, intolerance and housing isolation, social segregation, unsafe locality, the absences of places for sports and shops with healthy food, poor housing and constant stress can make the situation worse.

– To minimize risks: Leading cause affecting the life expectancy is connected with such risks as smoking, poor diet, absence of physical exercises, too much drinking, minimizing which via different social programs and anti-advertising and creating conditions at school and work for healthy development can have the positive effect.

– To be responsible: It is necessary to observe life expectancy, the diabetes rate, and other health indicators in the same attentive way which is applied for baseball statistics and stock market volatilities (Health in America Today, 2012).

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