The Historical Figure that Has Had an Influence on Me

Each individual is unique and his/her personality cannot be identical to any other individual, or historical or fictional figure. Nevertheless, we can hardly avoid the influences of other people and society at large on the formation of our personality and identity. In this respect, the influence of some prominent figures, either historical or fictional, is particularly strong. As for me, I should say that I have had been influenced by many outstanding historical and fictional figure because my acquaintance with their life of each of them has brought in some new ideas, concepts, and philosophy. However, Alexander the Great is probably the most significant individual that has produced a profound impact on my personal views, philosophy and even my character.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that Alexander the Great was the person who had a great spiritual power, intellect and outstanding physical capabilities that made him extremely successful in his time and brought him fame and public approval and even admiration for centuries. For instance, another representative of the cohort of the most famous ancient leaders, Julius Caesar, sincerely envied to Alexander the Great because of his accomplishments.

The example of Alexander the Great inspires me a lot and it is due to him I am leading a very active lifestyle. To put it more precisely, as I know that Alexander the Great had managed to become the national leader and head one of the greatest empire of all times being a young man, I strongly believe that there are no obstacles on my way that could prevent me from the accomplishment of the major goals of my life, including the most daring ones. If Alexander the Great, being an 18-year old boy, became the king of his country and started the titanic campaign against Persian oppression, than there is nothing on the Earth that can stop a person who has a strong spiritual power and who is ready to strive for his/her goals. This is why, similarly to Alexander the Great, I do not think whether I can achieve something in my life or meet certain goal, but I rather ask myself how I can meet what I am searching for. This principle makes my life significantly easier and increases my self-esteem considerably, especially when I am successful in the realization of my plans.

At the same time, Alexander the Great has produced a profound impact on the formation of my personal philosophy. He was a genius who has proved to be able to overcome traditional biases and stereotypes and this ability made him so popular and famous. For instance, unlike the rest of the traditional ancient Greek society or unlike his own father, Alexander rejected the idea of the primitive revenge on Persians as he could see the perspectives of his successes and his conquests. To put it more precisely, his views were not limited by the existing national stereotypes and frontiers.

As he became the ruler of the huge empire, he realized that he had got a chance to build a new, universal empire and it is only his early death that stopped him in this great adventure of his time. In fact, it was only three hundred years later, Roman rulers have implemented the idea of Alexander the great about the universal empire in real life. This ability Alexander has influenced my views dramatically because now I know that we should not remain narrow-minded and too conservative. In contrast, we should think progressively and be conscious of the fact that we create the history and not vice versa.

Thus, Alexander the Great is one of the most influential figures that shaped my identity and philosophy.

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