The Hunt for Red October

The main character of The Hunt for Red October is the captain of the Soviet submarine, Marco Alexandrovich Ramius. The author apparently attempts to create a character of a typical Soviet navy officer, who has been serving to the Soviet Union for years, but he has got few rewards. The main character’s look is almost perfect that is a characteristic of a navy officer. He wears a uniform, his face radiate boldness but, at the same time, it is possible to find some traces of weariness. Obviously, Marko Ramius, a Lithuanian captain of the Soviet submarine is wearied with his service to the totalitarian state and he cannot afford the life he used to live. This is why he decides to escape and reveals his rebellious character. However, it does not necessarily mean that he is a bad officer.

In stark contrast, he is a good officer, devoted to his country, but he cannot afford the existing totalitarian regime which deprives him of basic human rights and liberties and eventually, as the events of the book unfolds, the reader learns that he has lost his wife recently and this personal tragedy became the turning point in the life of the would-be good officer of the Soviet navy. In such a way, the author shows the personal tragedy of the main character who has lost his wife and all his ideals and beliefs in his strong and beloved motherland are debunked.

However, Marko proves to be a bold and courage character. As he understands the huge threat of the submarine he commands to the entire world, he decides to save the world and revenge on his totalitarian rulers. This is why he takes a bold step and escapes from the USSR bringing the totally new submarine to the US, the major opponent of the USSR and the guardian of democracy in the world.

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