The Impact of Cubism on Pop Art essay

The development of Pop Art was characterized by the implementation of new techniques and appearance of new styles. Artistic works of Pop Art were characterized by high degree of originality and uniqueness. At the same time, the outstanding artists representing Pop Art movement, including Andy Warhol, Ray Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, and Richard Hamilton, often had some common traits with works of cubists, among which it is possible to single out Pablo Picasso, as probably the most outstanding representative of this movement.

Speaking about works of Pablo Picasso, it is worthy of mention some of his early works such as Violon, verre, pipe et encrier created in 1912 (Image 1). This painting represents a classical example of a cubist piece of art where geometric forms dominate and constitute the essence of the painting. In fact, the artist underlines sharp square and triangle forms which create quite unusual impression of the multitude of the painting. At the same time, it seems to be quite complicated and a viewer can find something absolutely unexpected after a deep analysis of this painting. In order to emphasize the trend to exaggeration of geometric forms and graphic, the painter introduces some letters which strengthen the attention of the audience to the graphic of the painting.

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