The Impact of Private Spaces, Culture, Geographic Locations and Natural Landscapes on O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the prominent American artists of the 20th century, whose works are renowned not only in the USA but in many countries of the world. The artists achieved a tremendous success not only due to her original style and highly professional technique of painting, but also due to her ability to convey her personal feelings and emotions, to uncover her inner world to the audience and mirror the surrounding world and nature as she saw it. This is why it is possible to speak about Georgia O’Keeffe as a gifted artist, whose works were and still are very popular. In this respect, it is possible to refer to her “Ram’s Head”, where the influence of her inner state and the cultural background of the author as well as her admiration with nature can be easily traced.

In fact, the painting “Ram’s Head” mirrors the inner world of the artist and her admiration with the nature of the USA. O”Keeffe depicts mountains barely covered with trees and the blue sky which, in all probability, symbolize rich nature of the USA and its vast and wild territories, which seem to be so vast that the sky can hardly cover them. At the same time, the artist raises very important themes as she puts a ram’s head and a flower in the center of the paining. Basically, it is possible to interpret it as eternal conflict between the life, which is symbolically presented by the flower, and the death, which is symbolized by the ram’s head. In such a way, the author attempts to convey the history and cultural background of American people who struggled for the survival in the Wild West.

Thus, O’Keeffe’s work was influenced by her feelings and emotions as well as by her cultural background and her experience of travelling throughout the USA.

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