The Importance of Job Descriptions Essay

It is known that job descriptions play an important role for successful development of any organization. Job descriptions are written statements which describe the duties, responsibilities, qualifications and contributions for this or that position including the information on reporting relationship of a particular job. They should be effectively developed because they are used as communication tools for the managers of the payroll department. It is known that before writing a job description for this or that position, a payroll manager should make job analysis in order “to collect necessary information”¯ (Plan for Current and Future Staffing needs by Writing Job Descriptions, 2009, p.15). Job analysis identifies in details the particular job duties and can be used in such employment procedures as training, selection, performance appraisal and compensation (Job Analysis Overview, 2001).

Moreover, job descriptions are of great importance in “the process of performance review as the staff members of the organization should perform their duties in a proper way”¯ (Sujanto, 2011, p.24).Ā  As a rule, job descriptions should contain the following information: the purpose, job duties and responsibilities, education required, experience required, and specialized skills that are necessary for this or that position (Plan for Current and Future Staffing Needs by Writing Job Descriptions, 2009).

The sample job description for the position of an army pharmacy technician specialist that I hold included the following information: overview of the position, job duties, skills required, the information concerning compensation and training. Moreover, this job description included useful information concerning the future civilian careers. In the section Overview, there was the purpose of my position: the army pharmacy specialist is responsible for the preparation of prescribed drugs and medicines, as well as maintenance of pharmacy records and pharmacy supplies.

In the section Job Duties, the appropriate information on my duties was represented: to prepare and control different pharmaceutical products according to the standards, to instruct patience concerning medication consumptions, to regulate dosages, and to provide quality control on medications. In the section Skills, the information on the required skills was given which included interests in math, biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology; the ability to follow strict directions in the workplace, the experience with measurements. In the section Compensation, the information concerning compensation was given, including housing, vocation time, medical, special pay and total compensation. In the section Training, the information concerning training was represented (10 weeks of basic combat training and 19 weeks of individual training in pharmacy). Unfortunately, this job description missed the section Education required (Careers & Jobs, 2012). It also missed the information on interpersonal skills and reporting relationships.

To sum up, job description plays an important role both for the managers and the employees as it can help in planning any staffing needs that may arise in the workplace.

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