The Kansas Nebraska Act Essay

I want to write you a letter and I hope that it help your newspaper to be more honest in information observing. You like editor should know what an ordinary people think about new act and to what effect it can bring.

Remember, that it is only my opinion, but maybe it will help you to write right article and show information in another light. When the Kansas Nebraska Act was adopted I have different thoughts about it. This act widely discussed among the people and we have different opinions. Society is disturbed by political situation and waiting for reactions. I think that this act intensify political polarization and instrumental in the dismissal of the former party system and origin of new political situation. Vigi, the north wing of which insisted on the synonymous waiver of slavery, lost support on South, and party disintegrated. A political vacuum was filled by again well-educated Republican Party which organized resistance a law Kansas-Nebraska. This act was a push to political conflicts.

I don’t support this act and I think that it is a first step to the Civil War. I can’t understand why our government adopted this act and what results they are waiting from it. We know that major value law on a grant to the population of territories of New Mexico and Utah right to decide a question about slavery (the first was more South, second to the north of 36°30′) – Thus, a question was actually put about liquidation of Missouri compromise 1820, forbidding introduction of slavery to the north of 36°30′. This act was offered by Douglas (who support slavery) and the accepted bill Kansas-Nebraska testified to it openly. We see that on enormous territories, lying to the north of line of Missouri compromise, a question about slavery was declared the matter of “sovereignty of settlers”. I want to mention that outwardly this law looked democratically, but in practice it observed interests of slavery owners, because at support of federal government slavery could be planted on new territories.

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