The Less Lamp

Design is not always beautiful or sophisticated; it might be absolutely opposite: plain, abrasive, blunt, rough and seem not finished but undoubtedly it is always undeniably creative, unusual and functional. Modern life conditions dictate new terms to the art of design and today people want an ordinary piece of furniture to be not only beautiful but compact, suitable for various use and sometimes even completely recyclable. Thus, contemporary designers depart from traditional views and tend to create simple and convenient things made of economical, cheap and practical material. They are in search of so-called rational aesthetics revealing technological and functional essence of things.

The Less Lamp presented by Jordi Canudas at the exhibition Rough Cut: Design Takes a Sharp Edge is an egg-shaped sealed lamp made of plaster. The ceramic shade on it must be broken in order to release the light inside. Jordi Canudas not only presents a household appliance of a curious shape but offers a customer to play a role of a designer and finish the lamp decoration himself using a special hammer purchased with the ceramic shade. It is up to user to decide how the lamp should look like and customize it by scratching, making holes, picking away at its surface or simply cracking the “egg shell” depending on how much light is needed and where it should be directed. One of the main advantages of such lamp is that its final design variants are limitless, so every time the customer gets a unique object created by his own imagination.

The revolutionary idea expressed by Jordi Canudas and implemented in his Less Lamp introduces a brand new trend in the contemporary design. In spite of the mass production of such goods, customers now have the possibility to individualize them taking direct part in the process of their creation.

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