The main trends of the international pharmaceutical industry

Among the main trends that characterize the current competition and productive organization of the international pharmaceutical industry can be highlighted:
Ӣ Changes associated with the growth drivers of the global market for pharmaceuticals;
Ӣ Increased competitive pressures faced by big pharmaceutical companies resulting from the concentration in the salary patents on blockbusters;
Ӣ Decline in productivity of R & D: Reduction in the rate of registration of new products with innovative features;
Ӣ Growing competition from generic drugs: increased in the process of mergers and acquisitions among companies producing generic drugs;
Ӣ Changes in Marco Regulatory pressures associated with rising consumer.
This set of trends generates a realignment of corporate strategy on the part of multinational companies in order to profit from the potential opportunities in emerging markets, as well as new strategies with a focus on strategic planning, increased productivity, especially in R & D strategies outsourcing in countries with lower labor costs, increased interest in biotechnology and market entry of generic drugs, and a movement of R & D to focus the research on drugs for specific groups as opposed to strategies too focused on blockbusters. On the other hand, this change of position has not changed in essence, the structure of the industry or the current standard of competitiveness. Thus, among the relevant features that characterize the pattern of competition in the global pharmaceutical industry today, it is possible to mention the high degree of internationalization and the increasing consolidation of companies, the intensity of scientific and technological industry that demands high expenditure on R &D; the fragmented nature of the relevant markets in the pharmaceutical industry from the point of view of consumers as the technological point of view, which implies the existence of niche markets and represents an important window of opportunity for less developed countries.



All in all, it should be noted that the pharmaceutical industry ”“ is an industry-related research, development, mass production of market research and distribution of medicines, mainly for the prevention, relief and treatment of disease. There can be proposed efficiency improvements for the selected organization’s business practices based on the selected economic principles. Pharmaceutical industry has to have perspectives to develop and to bring more use to people. It should to be limited in actions by businessmen who control it.
It can be said that there is always a considerable supply and demand present in pharmaceutical industry. Despite the considerable economic and political effects, the competition is extremely high, as well as the opportunities. It is important to use the industry for the sake of people, to improve it, to bring in the innovations and new useful and creative ideas.

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