The Matrix Essay

The development of new technologies and the emergence of information technologies and telecommunications have changed the modern society consistently. In fact, the modern society is unthinkable without technological advancements, especially in the field of IT and telecommunications. However, the technological advancement of the modern society has revealed the problem of the loss of control over the life by humans, who grow more and more dependent on machines. In this respect, the film “The Matrix” reveals the full extent to which technological progress pushes on humans consciousness. The film reveals the threat of the loss of control over the life of people because they become mere supplements to machines, which actually run the world, but modern people want to preserve control over their life and maintain their truly human face.

In fact, “The Matrix” is entirely devoted to the struggle of the main character against machines which play humans as puppets and use them for their own purposes. In such a way, the film reveals the ongoing struggle of modern people against the “system”. In spite of the technological progress, the modern society is still unequal and new technologies seem to maintain the status quo in the society. On the one hand, there are people, who have knowledge and power and who control the modern society with the help of modern technologies, whereas, on the other hand, there is a large part of the society deprived of access to education, knowledge and these people are mere commodities, supplements to machines.

In such a context, people do attempt to rebel against the rule of a few, who use modern technologies to increase the impact of mass media on large masses of people, because, in such a way, they shape the public opinion and play with individuals as if they are puppets exactly like machines do with people in “The Matrix”.

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