The Message of Twitter: “Here It Is” and “Here I Am”

Here it is
The article is about communication in Twitter. Here it is represents Twitter as a means of sharing links and pointers to other places on the web. The author says that there is a selectivity in Twitter that determines the interests of a person- who to follow and why. Different people give me a point of entry into conversations taking place around advertising, transmedia entertainment, journalism, civic media, intellectual property, fandom, and a range of other topics which run through my work. Twitter is considered a knowledge community. Watching the statistics is interesting, as well, the author enjoys to see who retweeted him.
There was also proposed a Twitter game – Twik or Tweet. You throw out a quotation without attribution. And the Twitter community has to guess if it is an authentic tweet or a literary allusion.
I can say that I agree with the statement that Twitter is part of a larger informational economy, it does very important work. Twitter is able to deliver the latest news, important information, helps people to communicate, it has also changed the format of communication. It has given possibilities to many people and created jobs.
Here I am
Here it is became Here I am and more importantly Here we are, according to the article. As it has been mentioned, relatively trivial and personal chatter intended to strengthen our social and emotional ties to other members of our community in order to be modern and communicate in today’s world. It is essential to choose the information a person is ready and wants to see in his Twitter. It is rather easy to filter and to choose what is interesting for a person particularly. It is important to clean your account and to follow your interests. Here it is is a function of Twitter; Here I Am may be its core message. Some tweets are unique and have many retweets, as they have a great informational value. Larger community may be seen in some cases of support and solidarity in twitter. Also, Twitter is another great opportunity to change the world for the better, as it offers new opportunities to people and organizations all over the world and unites people. It is also important to take into account the freedom each person gets to show what he thinks, how he lives and also what he wants. Many people have found jobs and friends via Twitter, which is considered a positive moment for the social network.
It should be noted that the article shows that it s important to be able to depict the most useful information, to get interested in new opportunities and to take certain risk. I think that the message of twitter is different for each person, because all people look for different things in social networks, get interested in various topics. The common thing is the communication with the world, communication without borders. This gives people the value of freedom, of unlimited possibilities and interests. All in all, this is what seems valuable today and people all over the world support the idea of more intense communication with more possibilities. In the article I learnt many useful things that will help me to choose people who to follow, to understand the reason I am using twitter and to make the process of communication more interesting.

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