The Miracle of Vitamin D: Sound Science, or Hype?

This topic about vitamin’s D magic characteristics is widespread in scientific circles and many researches try to prove that it is new step in many diseases’ treatment. I don’t want to be emphatic in my judgments, because my answer has dual nature.

Analyzing information received from the article about vitamin D, I think that it is very important to be careful in all kinds vitamins supplement, because it is very hard to find important dosage without doctor’s help. According to above stated we see that “although consumers may be tempted to rush out and start taking 2,000 I.U.’s of vitamin D a day, doctors warn against it. Several recent studies of nutrients, including vitamins E and B, selenium and beta carotene, have proved disappointing ”” even suggesting that high doses do more harm than good, increasing risk for heart problems, diabetes and cancer, depending on the supplement.” (Parker-Pope, 2010). We see from this statement that all methods of treatment have own advantages and disadvantages but in many cases it is not enough to use only vitamins, because treatment should consist additional components such as diet, for example.

I want to say for the end of my paper that I haven’t come to the  conclusion that vitamin’s D treatment is hype, but I think that these sphere needs future researches which will prove benefits and  show to the ordinary people that sometimes a pharmaceutical treatment is not so effective as vitamin’s treatment.

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