The Motorcycle Diaries film review

“The Motorcycle Diaries” is the film about Ernesto Che Guevara which basically depicts this historical figure when he was just Ernesto Guevara before becoming Che as he was known to the entire world. At the same time, the film is particularly interesting from the point of view of depiction of a particular culture ofLatin Americaof that epoch

In fact, the director of the film had managed to perfectly convey the atmosphere of the life of working class ofLatin America. The film realistically depicts the life of ordinary peasants and workers who were seriously oppressed by privileged classes, namely landowners and owners of large factories and plants. This is really interesting to learn about the life and culture of these ordinary people since it can better understand the socio-economic position and realize the extent it was desperate. The film reveals the panorama of the most deprived layer of society which the main character encounter throughout his journey. The miserable position of workers and peasants and the existing social injustice defined all aspects of life of this people including their culture. However, what is good about this film is the fact that these oppressed people turn to be spiritually and culturally rich, they have their unique traditions and their own vision of the world.

Unfortunately, the director could not help from certain ”˜westernization’ of the image of Che Guevara. To put it more precisely, even the title of the film prepares the viewer to watch the film about a kind of 20th century cowboy, a fair, just, honest guy who is always ready to protect oppressed and offended people. Obviously, the depiction of Che Guevara seems to be influenced byHollywood’s clichés which were not typical for the culture ofLatin America of that epoch.

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