The photography is not only reflects the history, but sometimes creates it

Usually photo images are used to illustrate some events. However there were a lot of incidents in the global history, when the photo itself created history.

Supporting reasons

1) Emmett Till murder and civil rights movement.

Emmett Till was fourteen years old black boy who became the victim of ethnic murder. He was kidnapped on his travel from Chicago to Mississippi. Three days after his body was discovered in the Tallahatchie River. His face was so much disfigures that mother could hardly recognize her son.  The picture of dead Emmett Till was published in Jet magazine, and soon Till’s murder became an international story. 100 days after Rosa Parks refused to change a sit in the bud and civil rights movement became the real power.

2) Tanks on Tiananmen Square.

In the end on 80th of 20th century communist countries began transformation. While in the Eastern Europe countries one by one announced the beginning of political reforms, China communist regime stayed unchanged. In 1989 3000 Chinese students on Tiananmen Square started hunger strike because Chinese people needed political reforms too. On the picture unarmed young man stopped tank convoy. Chinese government executed most of the protesters, but the picture created the great reaction worldwide, and reforms began at last. China is still communist country, but this regime is differs from 20 years ago.

3) The portrait of Albert Einstein.

This portrait probably is the most popular image of the scientist in the world because it is untraditional. Usually the portraits of scientist demand serious faces, and Einstein’s tongue changed this tough stereotype.

Analyzing famous photos and their history I plan to write my thesis.

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