The quality of food essay

Today, the quality of food is extremely important because consumers grow more and more concerned with the safety and quality of food they consume on the regular basis. In such a situation, companies operating in the food and beverage industry should pay a particular attention to the quality of their products because consumers are concerned with their health and, therefore, they need food of the high quality. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that, in such a situation, many companies operating in the food industry face the dilemma ”“ on the one hand, they need to create products of the high quality to meet needs and wants of consumers, whereas, on the other hand, they need to sell their products at affordable prices that means the necessity to save costs in the course of production that naturally puts under a threat the quality of their products. In such a context, human resource management plays a particularly important role in the functioning of modern companies operating in the food services because human resources often define the overall quality of products. At this point, it is possible to refer to the experience of companies operating in the fresh food market, such as Fresh Foods, which face substantial problems in regard to their human resource management but still they can solve their problems successfully through the use of effective human resource management strategies.

First of all, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that companies like Fresh Foods need to employ well-qualified personnel at all levels. In this regard, the top level is particularly important because the company needs to develop effective human resource strategy and implement it successfully. Therefore, the employment of Ms. Noble as the new Director of Human Resources is essential because she is a well-qualified professional that can help the company to make a breakthrough in its business development due to the introduction of effective methods and strategies of human resource management. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the professionalism and qualification of Ms. Noble is beyond a doubt that puts her into an advantageous position compared to other candidates. In addition, Ms. Noble comes prepared to introduce changes and innovations which can improve consistently the performance of employees of Fresh Foods and, thus, accelerate the development of the company through the improvement of its organizational performance. Ms. Noble is worth employment in Fresh Foods not only due to her qualification but also due to her experience and ability to work in the changing environment. What is meant here is the fact that Ms. Noble has an extensive experience of work in the context of substantial organizational changes. At the same time, Ms. Noble has a well-developed plan, which can help her to start changes in the company, which can bring positive outcomes, immediately after her employment. She has ambitions and eager to work within the company to lead the company to positive outcomes.

On the other hand, Ms. Noble is not absolutely perfect in terms of her prospective employment in Fresh Foods. To put it more precisely, in spite of her extensive experience, Ms. Nobles still will need time to adapt to the work in Fresh Foods. She will need time to learn how the organization functions, which people are working in Fresh Foods.

In other words, she will need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current situation in the company and organizational culture. The latter also raises a problem. This problem is the cultural diversity, which is a serious challenge for the professional, who is not accustomed to the work in the multicultural environment, such as Ms. Noble. On other words, Ms. Noble does not have experience of work in such multicultural environment as that of Fresh Foods. In addition, she is likely to face the problem of the reduction and personnel layoffs. Obviously, Ms. Nobles will need to be start working in the time, when the personnel layoffs and reduction raises a serious problem in face of any human resource manager because employees are dissatisfied with their workplace environment and they are not certain in their future in the company. Therefore, they are likely to oppose to any changes being introduced by Ms. Nobles as the new human resource manager can face substantial problems. Moreover, employees being dissatisfied with their workplace environment and the ineffective management, which provoke uncertainty in their future, may oppose to the change in the management of the company. As a result, they may not accept Ms. Noble as their manager that can provoke significant conflicts between Ms. Noble and her subordinates. Naturally, in such a situation, Ms. Noble may face difficulties in holding her position and reaching positive outcomes in her wok because her leadership qualities and characteristics are under a question. Finally, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that Ms. Noble will need to develop a new, effective approach that meet cultural needs of employees of Fresh Foods, whereas she lacks the experience of work in the multicultural workplace environment.

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