The Social Side of Decision Making essay

A lot of factors should be taken into account while making decisions. First of all if the company wants to grow and to be prosperous and successful the Chief executive officer should shoulder the organization of the working process of the company. The main thing is the correct selection of workers (employees). No doubt CEO should analyze the main workers’ merits and characteristics.  To guard the grey mass from real active persons, CEO must take into consideration that the employees should have internal proper organization, aiming at a result, knack of rational working day planning. Moreover the worker should be competent, active, responsible, attentive, persistent, creative and so on. Besides stimulation of workers’ creative activity is the basis of innovative development of the personnel.

To the number specific principles of innovative management, and also principles of innovative development of the personnel belongs maintenance of innovative aims and innovative activity at all levels of management. It means to have in mind engaging of workers in the processes of making decisions and their realization; perfection of communications in the conditions of group acceptance of decisions; the use of the complex motivational systems in the business of innovations application; using of flexible production and administrative structures. Speaking about making decisions it is necessary to cite a concept of decision making from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

«Decision making is the cognitive process leading to the

selection of a course of action among variations. Every

decision making process produces a final choice. It can be

an action or an opinion.»

Everything depends on the correct decision making and Mind Tools Ltd cite:

«Good decision making is an essential skill for career

success generally, and effective leadership particularly. If

you can learn to make timely and well-considered decisions,

then you can often lead your team to spectacular and well-

deserved success. However, if you make poor decisions, your

team risks failure and your time as a leader will, most

likely, be brutally short.»

The principles of innovative management allow to select the next basic functions of innovative development of enterprise personnel. They are:

– planning of innovative development of personnel, taking into account the perspectives of the enterprise and professional growth of staff;

– forming of perspective (innovative) requirements to the personnel, including creation of terms for their innovative development (organizationally-technical, economic, social, psychological);

– innovative teaching of the personnel, including the estimation of its efficiency;

– estimation and analysis of work efficiency and innovative activity of the personnel, and also acceptance on this basis of the proper decisions.

But coming back to decisions making it should be said that team work is good but not in the question of decision making, cause individual perception can bring better results. And there are a lot of reasons of group or mob mentality rejecting, because while solving a problem, no doubt, using unanimity, majority, sub-committee, range voting, consensus decision-making, plurality participatory, dictatorship, gathering methods of solving the company will get a result, but not the stimulus for the subsequent development of the employees work. It is the main principle of deindividuation or groupthink of the staff. But encouraging of individual, ticklish approach, new fresh ideasand resourcefulness of the employees will bring success to the company in general and will make the grey matter work.

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