The Spanish Conquest of Latin America essay

A great deal of historical documents touch on the theme of the Spanish Conquest of Latin America and give us numerous facts in order to prove this or that historical event. According to many up-to-date sources of information it turns out that some facts concerning the Spanish Conquest are either false or too simplistic. So what is true and what is false? Can we speak about the genocide of Indians or may be it was provoked by the scared witnesses of the historical events of those days? And what can we say about the fabulous Christopher Columbus? Was he a hero or a slave-trader and murderer?

Of course any conquest is followed by the military actions and bring great oppression to the conquest population.

There is no doubt that the colonialists used particularly cruel means to achieve their goals and it cannot but incur disfavor. Today we have no any opportunity to change the course of history but we can restore justice in regard to some historical facts. (Herring)

“Genocide of Indians”ť is a well-known term used by many historians and politicians regarding the actions of European colonialists against the Native Americans starting from 1492, the time when Christopher Columbus discovered America, and up to the 20th century. According to this fact the Spanish killed tens of millions of Indians what coursed the largest decrease of population in the history of mankind. (Herring)

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