The Toll Brothers Essay

The Toll Brothers Inc. is one of the largest home building companies throughout the whole territory of the United States. It is aimed at creating luxury home and communities. It all started in Horsham, Pennsylvania. The 40 years of work have proved that Toll Brothers Inc. truly deserves the reputation of a quality home builder. It does not only have an individual approach to the consumer but also provides a set of warranties in terms of the correspondence of the house to the consumer's order. This includes not only several day before the settlement but also the time that follows it. The company meets the highest standards of house building and has achieved such awards as “the National Housing Quality Award”, “the National Builder of the Year” and “America's Best Builder”. The Toll Brothers also reveal the top-level of house-building through commitment to the environmental protection which implies the usage of special filters and the reduction of the consumption of energy. The Toll community membership means that the home owner is on the stage of successful life when he can afford himself to order a “custom made” luxury house.  In spite of the fact that the housing market experiences dramatically changes and the prices of the houses fall, the Toll Brothers does not lower the prices but it suggests a set of incentives such as a sunroom or an attic for free. All these facts make the Toll Brother Inc. one the largest house-building companies nationwide.

Along with Toll Brother Inc. there is a list of competitors in the same regions: Centex, KB Home and D.R. Horton are among them. For Toll Brothers Inc. it is vital to maintain a competitive position due to the current house market shift. Nevertheless, none of the listed companies can be called a competent competitor due to the commitment to different fields of building. Centex deals with commercial construction and is specialized at such objects as educational establishments, hospitals, airports, offices, hotels and others. It goes without saying the Centex also works with private orders but the share of this orders is rather low. KB Home (Kaufman & Broad) builds houses through the offer of complete mortgage service. It is obvious that the houses built on the base of such agreement are directed for the middle-class citizens and have nothing in common with the exclusive clients of the Toll Brothers. As for D.R. Horton specializes at single-family homes and through this area is represented in twenty seven states. As a whole, the Toll Brothers Inc., in spite of the present competitors still remains the leading building company of the United States of America. As all the companies are experiences the housing market crisis it is very hard for any company to maintain the leading position. Many companies face the necessity to lower the prices and therefore to decrease the profit. Toll Brothers, in its turn has a complete different incentives strategy of remaining the prices at the same rate. At the same time as the competitors lower the price, the Toll Brother Inc. get the opportunity to purchase these real estate for further transformation and selling. In other words the house building market nowadays is experiencing house price decline and therefore the best solution for the Toll Brothers is to purchase distressed properties. This would lead all Tolls’ competitors in the regions way behind.

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