The Training Model The Role of Managers in Employees’ Career Development

Career development is one of the most important issues for any employee who is not indifferent to his own personal growth and to his family welfare. Moreover, the changing nature of the employee’s work and the organization’s work environment requires only experienced and properly educated employees who are adaptive to different situations, who are rather flexible in their decisions and who are focused on their career and personal growth. That is why one of the major tasks of any manager is to develop his employees. Human Resources Management is engaged with career development and personal growth of employees by means of coaching and psychological approach. It is very important for the manager to give the employee all the opportunities for the growth. The manager should encourage his employees.

My goal in this paper is to discuss different ways of manager’s assistance to his employees’ career development. It is also necessary to discuss the future issues which will impact employee’s training both negatively and positively.


Career development plays an important role in the life of any employee. Career development is a process of progression of the employee’s learning, knowledge and work which is focused on the establishment of the employee’s career goals and on the effectiveness of productivity in this or that workplace. The employees’ growth includes taking the top position on the hierarchy ladder, increase in the employee’s remuneration; getting high-leveled skills and appropriate competences. If employee uses career development strategies in a proper way he will become proactive and self-motivated. Moreover, he will be able to achieve his goals and to enjoy a high-quality style of life. Although career development depends on different factors including the work environment in the organization and the chief’s personal relation to the employee, the goals, desires and abilities of the employee are always the foremost factors in the career development.(Career Development Programs, 2010, para.1)


It is known that career development is one of the major components of the human resources management in any organization. The role of managers in the career development of employees cannot be underestimated. Managers can render assistance to the employees with their career development to a great extent. They not only create a strategic plan which helps the employees to carry out their tasks in a proper way, they also can control the training process of the employees which makes it possible to achieve good results in transfer of training.

Managers should decide who of the employees in the workplace need training and in what sphere of activity training is vital for the employee. The employee’s training should have the major goal- to achieve the organizational goals which will provide effectiveness and productivity of the whole business.

One more important thing is that the managers should help the employees to develop a short-term and a long-term development plans where the main stages of the employee’s development should be indicated. It will help the employees to concentrate their attention to the most important aspects in the work. (Brandenberg, 2010, para.2)

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