The Usage of the Adopted Strategy by Apple in the Field of Global Economy Situation.

Apple Inc. does not adopt any companies’ strategies but develop its own strategy for the development in the global economy facilities. It goes without saying that the company has strategic partners in the innovation industries and use the investment practice as many others. Their shares are in the United States stock markets present, but everything which is connected with marketing products placement and development of the strategy is the company’s innovative practice. It goes without saying that it is not an easy task to develop personal and unique strategy, but it is distinctive feature of Apple, which is aimed on the development of unique style of the company, providing special abilities for the clients and policy of open standards. This attract the more clients for the company even in facilities of severe competence and global financial crisis, the company is reporting profit and this mark the strategy developed by the leaders of the corporation as extremely efficient. Personally I consider that this is connected with the policy of innovation, which the company proclaims and it is really good for the company. It develops unique attitude to the client, providing them outstanding abilities and it goes without saying that adopted strategy won’t work in such facilities. The company is developing due to its own plan and despite the weaknesses and the threats its strengths and opportunities in the SWOT analysis look more confident especially in aspect of global economy. It goes without saying that this innovative practice and unlike the others technique define the company from the other participants of mobile innovation market and the position more strong, according to my personal point of view.

In the end I would like to make a stress on the fact that Apple has developed unique vision for iPhone strategy, developing unique possibilities for their potential clients, understanding needs of different spheres and providing suitable software tools for them in their iPhone product. The company is within the severe competition on the market in the present day world but it does not prevent it being successful. The company grows it profit and report about itself as the leader of the world innovation. It should be noted that the company operates on the international market and understands the needs of the global economy and global competition. Hence their unique strategy helped them to develop successfully in the global facilities and global competition, as the numbers of their direct competitors are located in European Union and other countries of the world. Understanding the tendencies of the global market is also distinctive feature of iPhone marketing Strategy.



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