Theatre Review essay

Reaction to the production

The production was well-organized and performed successfully. The play of actors was very effective and successfully. They performed their parts perfectly and the audience grew more and more absorbed in the message of the play and in the unfolding events. At first glance, events are unfolding slowly and the play goes in circle. However, in actuality, events in the play are not as repetitive and monotonous as they seem to be. As each character starts to uncover his or her internal world, the audience perceives how deep their internal worlds are and how complicated their lives and imagination are. The audience perceives them as book fetishists, as freaks at the beginning of the play. However, steadily, the main characters become closer to the audience. The audience understands that the main characters are unhappy because they have nothing but their imagination and their imagined world. Nevertheless, their imagination is their salvation because they can escape from the routine reality to their imagined world, where they can love and are loved.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the play Book Ends by David K. O’Hara is a noteworthy play that reveals the life of two lonely characters in the contemporary world, where books are almost forgotten.

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