Theoretical implications of motivation essay

On analyzing theoretical implications of the research conducted by Offermann and Spiros, it should be said they attempted to extend the existing theoretical information on the team development practices. In fact, they do not suggest new theories. Nevertheless, they attempt to combine the existing theories and knowledge in regard to the team development practices and extend them in order to find possible ways to apply the existing theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge and experience. In their study, Offermanna and Sprios revealed the fact that practitioners who use empirical sources can be more successful in short-term perspective, but, at the same time, they stress the importance of theoretical knowledge which can lay the foundation to the steady development of team work and, therefore, maintain a positive organizational performance in a long-term perspective. This is why there research opens the new direction for the further researches of the team development practices which can reveal effective ways of the practical implementation of the theoretical developments related to the team work in modern organizations.

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