Toy Analysis essay

A personalized Dora Doll is a remarkable toy that is oriented on the preschool children.  The toy is developed with regard to the needs and wants of preschool children and, what is more important, the toy can be used to help children to learn and extend their knowledge of the surrounding world. In such a way, the Dora Doll is very useful and this toy can be interesting to children but, at the same time, it is possible to single out the drawback of the toy which is its orientation on girls as the target customer group. Consequently, the Dora Doll can not only entertain children, girls mainly, but also help them to learn.

On analyzing the appearance of the toy, it should be said that the Dora Doll is crafted in soft, huggable polyester plush. The doll is spot clean that is very important, taking into consideration the fact that the doll is destined for children at the age 3 and above. In fact, children at this age are inclined to be careless about their toys and they may use other toys as well as available materials, food and other objects that can stain the toy. Therefore, the doll being spot clean can be used by children without the risk of being stained. At any rate, the risk of the appearance of stains and significant deterioration of the external surface of the doll is minimal. In fact, the child cannot tear the surface of the doll, whereas scissors and other sharp tools should be not available to children. In such a way, the Dora Doll will preserve goof external appearance and children can use the doll for a relatively long time.

On the other hand, the size of the doll is 7 1/2’h, which is standard for this product, can be inconvenient for some children. However, the size of the doll is standard and the majority of children playing with the doll are not likely to face significant inconveniences in this regard.

The toy is bright and eye-catching due to the use of bright colors, such as orange, pink and others. In such a way, the toy evokes positive emotions in children playing with the doll. The bright exterior and colors are very important, especially for children at the age of 3 and above because, at this level of development, they do need bright objects which attract their attention, whereas plain, colorless objects cannot attract their attention. Therefore, children are likely to play with the Dora Doll than less colorful and bright doll.

Furthermore, the Dora Doll has the option of personalization. This option means that parents can order the doll with the name of their children being printed on the doll. In fact, manufacturers offer the possibility to print up to 8 characters that is likely to match any name parents have chosen for their child. This option is very important because it contributes to the learning of children playing with the doll.

Obviously, the child will admire the doll with his or her name printed on it.

Finally, the possible drawback of the Dora Doll is its orientation on girls mainly. However, it is the traditional target customer group for dolls. Therefore, this drawback is insignificant, especially compared to advantages and benefits the Dora Doll can bring to children.

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