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TQM is an abbreviation for Total Quality Management. It is a system that oriented on continual improvement of all aspects of the organization. TQM system use strategy, data, and effective communication to integrate the quality principles into activities of the organization and its culture. As an example to explain how this system works we may take McDonald’s restaurants. Lets look how the principles of TQM work.

McDonald’s company has its own values that help it to be so famous and well-known among customers from all over the world.

They try to profess honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Be Customer focused. The customer is a reason for every company’s existence. McDonald’s is not an exception. They show their respect to their customers by providing them with high quality food and good service, in a cozy and welcoming environment. Their aim is an attention and understanding for every customer, each and every time. The company is focused on three main areas, that are related to the customers’ expectations: high-quality choices, consumer-friendly nutrition information and communicate responsibly. High-Quality Choices mean that they continue to develop high quality menu that provide their customers with a range of choices. This providing obligatory meet their needs and preferences. Consumer-Friendly Nutrition Information helps consumers in making the right decisions. Communicate responsibly means to continue to develop both their marketing and communication practices.

Insure Total Employee Involvement. Talented, committed employees are essential to the company’s continuing success. The company has provided the proper environment, where everyone gets wide duties and possibilities. They provide opportunity, develop leaders and reward achievement. They believe that our success should base on a well-trained team, members of which are respectful and responsible, attentive to every person and has strong individual values. They support for fundamental human rights for all people and it is a part of their global Standards of Business Conduct. The company respects rights of its employees to associate or not to associate with any group, as permitted by, and in accordance with, applicable laws and regulations. Respect for McDonald’s company is related to creation of a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels estimable and respected.  Commitment Enhancement means that they continue to enhance their employment value proposition to drive high levels of employee commitment. Talent Management ”“ is an attraction and development of the most talented people.

Making people they call as their priority.

Integrated system. According to it, all employees must know business mission and vision. They should monitor the process. McDonald’s brand mission is to “be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat”. McDonald’s claim that it’s “business model, depicted by the “three-legged stool” of owner/operators, suppliers, and company employees, is our foundation, and the balance of interests among the three groups is key” (McDonald’s). The company creates a net benefit by improving ethical, environmental and economic outcomes. Ethical ”“ it means that they care about the health and safety of their employees and customers. Environmental is their caring about the environment, for example by minimizing lifecycle impacts on it.

Economic ”“ they deliver affordable food and engage equitable trade practices. The company committed to the well-being of their customers.

They are determined to improve their social and environmental performance. They work hard to strive toward a sustainable future ”“ for their company and the communities in which they operate. Their worldwide operations have been aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to win centering on the five basics of an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion. We are committed to improving our operations and enhancing our customers’ experience.

Strategic and systematic approach. Undoubtedly, such point as quality is obligatory for every company working for people. If a brand well known as high quality so it is always popular and demanded. So, the quality for McDonald’s is also main point of sales.

Continual Improvement. As they say in “Business excellence” ”“ “Using analytical and creative thinking in finding ways to become more effective” (BE, 2010). McDonald’s goal is to

anticipate and respond to changing customer, employee and system needs by constant evolution and innovation. Without improvement it is impossible to keep the popularity of the brand. People should see the continuing development of the company.

Communication. This point helps the company to investigate customer’s preferences and desires. In order to know what goods are really demanded and what are less. Their customers are given a possibility to make their own propositions for improvement of goods.

Total quality management theory is generated by such models.

Train top management on TQM principles. These principles are related to the company’s main strategy. These principles help every company to stay as an effective brand at services market.

Assess the current: Culture, customer satisfaction, quality management system. Without such assess it is impossible to imagine both the development and the improvement of the company.

So, McDonald’s were very popular at the beginning of its existence and it is very famous nowadays because of asses the current customers satisfaction and culture. They feel the preferences of their customers and try to satisfy it always.

Top management determines the core values and principles to be used and communicate them. The company definite its key values and professes it. With its help McDonalds remains demanded company. Its values are successfully used in their work and help it to remain popular. It is a motivating factor in their work ”“ to show by it how they care about their weight.

Identify and prioritize customer needs and determine products or service to meet those needs. As it has been already told, the company cares about customers’ needs and follows it. It should notice all the changes in customer’s preferences in order for their production to be demanded.

Create process improvement teams. It is an obligatory point for further growth of the company’s popularity among the customers. These teams should improve its production in order for customers not to lose the interest to the production. Improvement is an index of development of the company, its hard work for result, continuous attention to everyone.

Constant employee awareness and feedback on status are provided and a reward/ recognition process is established. It is very important for employees to feel themselves valued.

Jim Skinner from McDonald’s Corporation says that “corporate responsibility means many things to many people.

At McDonald’s, being a responsible company means living our values to enable us to serve food responsibly, and work toward a sustainable future”. So, it seems that the company has chosen the right plan, strategies and values for its best functioning. It is really good that this plan includes points devoted to its customers and its workers equally. It is important for everyone who has relations with the company to feel himself respected, to feel care and understanding. And may be it is really at the first place for everyone to feel just simple human concern, is not it? It seems that every company should have such values in order to be famous and demanded. Perhaps, McDonald’s is a truly fine example of the company which achieve its goals by clever adapted strategy. Its values help it to achieve its aims because it appeals to human qualities. In other words, the company’s values have found the way to work not only in imagination but also in practice.

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