Trends essay

Kucera Clothiers is a retail clothing store with numerous locations all over the world and thousands of employees. Its currents goals are to increase revenues, open additional stores, enter 3 new countries and improve communications between headquarter, satellite offices, stores and individual employees. One of the projects planned to implement recently is the implementation of a wireless network. The aim of this essay is to explore several recent trends in the field of telecommunications industry and in the global community in general, and analyze the impact of these trends on Kucera Clothiers.

Concerning telecommunications industry, and wireless communications in particular, an important trend for 2010 is the invent of wireless charging pads and their modifications for laptops and other devices. “The long-term vision is for wireless charging pads to become as ubiquitous as electrical plugs are today” ”“ states Bret Lewis, director of Fulton Innovation LLC (Lai, 2009). Such tendency is going to become very useful for Kucera Clothiers because its wireless network will include many devices, and recharging them, especially for salespeople outside offices, might become problematic. Therefore, wireless charging pads can increase efficiency for Kucera Clothiers employees. Also, the tendency to spread both WiFi and WiMAX networks all over the country is witnessed (Plunkett, 2008). Kucera Clothiers can also benefit from this tendency, because WiMAX offers better speed, higher coverage and in future will most probably give access to a larger number of wireless devices than WiFi. Therefore, building the network structure for WiMAX will contribute to improvement of speed and mobility in future.

Concerning industry trends and general IT development trends, one can witness the democratization brought by IT development to all spheres of life. Democratization may be described as “the rise and importance of social networks within and outside the modern enterprise which changes the “ways of work” and challenges traditional organization structures and schema” (Howard, 2009). Such situation creates a challenge for global organizations, and for Kucera Clothiers as well, because traditional hierarchic structure of companies changes to networking one; those who manage to react to changes of environment will have a competitive advantage. The aim of Kucera Clothiers is to be aware of this tendency, to promote appropriate changes to management and organization of the company, and to apply these changes timely.

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