UC Application Essay

On recalling my past experience, I can say that it seems to be there were no unimportant things in my life. Instead, everything I have ever done seems to be important for me because it marked the end of certain part in my life and the beginning of a new one. Now, I am also about to make a new step, which can make my life. On the other hand, the experience I have acquired is probably my greatest accomplishment/

In fact, I think that I am able to adapt to any environment I am working or living at. I have already changed several jobs and I did not have serious problems with adaptation to a new environment. I believe that this quality is very important at the present epoch because we live in a very complicated world, which is constantly changing. Often, the world or our environment changes so much that we can hardly rely on our skills and abilities we have developed to maintain the living in the new environment. In such a situation, our adaptability or flexibility becomes crucial. In fact, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the new environment in order to carry on living and working, even if our traditional life has changed forever.

In this respect, I would like to recall the moment of my life when I changed the job and I became a police officer in Korea. Before, I used to work at Samsung Corporation for the survey department. It was a very important job for me because I could implement my skills and abilities and enlarge my professional experience. At this point, I should say that since the childhood I have developed analytical abilities and often when I encounter a problem or a new challenge, I attempt to analyze the situation carefully and only on a profound reflection I take a decision. Probably, it is the effect of my innate curiosity because since the early childhood I have attempted to understand how things work.

In such a way, my work at Samsung Corporation for the survey department was a significant accomplishment in my life because I got a responsible job, which actually met my interests and internal inclinations.

However, on working in this department for two years, I have started to feel that this job is not as good and as prospective as I used to think it could be. In fact, I realized that I had stopped progressing and it was and still is very important for me to keep progressing whatever I do.

Otherwise, I am not satisfied with my professional life because I believe that we never know what can achieve in our life if we do not try something more. This is why I took decision to change the job and joined the national police. I believe it was my greatest accomplishment until now, because it was not a routine job for me.

In fact, the work in police was a serious challenge for me because I felt my responsibility for the job I did as a police officer. What was important, unlike my job in the survey department at Samsung Corporation, I was responsible for the safety of all citizens as I represented the law enforcement agency. This is probably why I worked hard and did my best to succeed at this work, due to which I got an opportunity to serve to my people and to acquire very important experience.

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