University Attendance Policy Essay

Today, Universities have introduced attendance policies, which basically aim at forcing students to attend Universities regularly. However, such policies are apparently unjust and limit students’ liberties consistently. Obviously, it is unjust when the University introduced attendance policies without taking consultations with students and it is unlikely that the attendance policies were supported by students.

Instead, University attendance policies were introduced regardless of the democratic procedure of the introduction of such important things as attendance policies which affect all the students.

First of all, it is important to underline that University attendance policies impose certain obligations on students to attend the University.

However, such policies limits consistently the possibility for a student to use his or her time accordingly to his or her needs. In other words, each student has his or her own schedule and arrange his or her time respectively to his or her needs. For instance, a student needs to work on certain problem or subject to improve his or her academic performance, but he needs to attend University, even though he or she could use this time more effectively to improve his or her academic performance.

In addition, many students have to work to maintain their education, which grows and more expensive today. In such a situation, University attendance policies limits consistently the opportunity for students to earn for their own education since they need to attend University above all that naturally limits their part-time jobs opportunities. As a result, some students cannot afford their education, while many have to choose either to work or to focus entirely on studies. At this point, it is important to remember that often the attendance of the University is time consuming but brings little benefits to students. At any rate, it is hardly possible to imagine a student who has just lost a job he/she needed so much and focuses entirely on the study. In fact, such attendance policies are likely to provoke rather negative attitude of students to their studies, than a strong desire to attend the University.

Finally, University attendance policies do not seem to lead to positive results. Even though they aim at the students’ attendance of the University, the ultimate goal of any student and any University should be to make student learn and acquire knowledge and skills in terms of the curriculum. In this respect, University attendance policies do not lead to the achievement of the goal since to attend the University does not necessarily mean to study better. Instead, University attendance policies provoke the opposition of students who do not want to be controlled. In fact, many students do not associate attending the University with education. For instance, under-graduate students are often willing to have a good job where they could apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, but the University attendance policies often deprive them of such an opportunity. As a result, students can lose their opportunity to make a good start of their professional career, while being at the University yet.

Thus, University attendance policies are ineffective and offensive for students. Therefore, they need to be either changed or eliminated. At the same time, it is necessary to underline that the position of students is quite hostile in relation to the University attendance policies and many students do not support them at all. What is more, they oppose to attendance policies not because of their unwillingness to study but because of the ignorance of their position while attendance policies have been introduced.

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