Unusual People on the Bus essay paper

Often we can see some unusual people in the bus. No wonder sometimes we even think that the bus is a strange place where we can encounter such people we have never imagined to meet in our life. But, in actuality, there is nothing unusual since the bus is the public transport and it is quite natural that we can encounter their some unusual people.

In fact, the bus is accessible to the wide public and it may be considered as the most democratic means of transport as all people can use it without any limitations. This is why, while on the bus, we can see such a variety of people who have totally different traits of character, manner of behavior, appearance, and language. The representatives of different social, cultural and ethnic groups can use this public transport, including the most unusual people.

The latter may be easily found on the bus as they go to or from the job, or just have a ride. At the same time, each individual is really unique and has some manners or traits which are unusual for a common passenger of a bus. This is why they are unusual only because they are different from an ordinary passenger.

On the other hand, all of us has our own view of a norm. This is why we perceive an individual as an unusual person if he/she differs from our stereotypes and social surrounding but, as bus is a public transport accessible to all, the probability that we will encounter a person which is unusual for our perception and conscience is high.

Thus, the bus is the public transport which is a blender where all types of people that use it every day are mixed up and we perceive them as unusual as long as they do not meet our expectations about an ordinary person.

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