Using Tablets essay

Using tablets in the classroom is a real prospect, because they have many advantages over traditional materials and educational tools for learning. But at the same time their successful implementation requires solving of a number of issues: convert books into electronic form, provide access to the Internet in all schools and universities and to take several other important steps.

There are several examples of using the tablets at schools. The first example is the small northern state Maine, where almost all schools are engaged in the program to replace paper books and old computers to a thinner, lighter and faster tablet from Apple.  Teachers of the Auburn School District also completely switched to using the iPad and are confident it helped to improve students results up to 60% in 2011 and up to 90% in 2014. (Watters, 2012)

During the initiative program Advantage 2014, half of the students from 16 classes were given iPad for two months and their results improved. One of the schools managers Michael Muir noted that they were sure about the positive impact of tablet on academic performance of students and got excellent results. That is why the school continues to expand the program and provides iPads to first class pupils. (Washuk 2012)

Another example is a similar program at the Academy Foxcroft, at which students and teachers were given the iPad 2 with preloaded applications iWork and iMovie, and school got free Wi-Fi. Students are allowed to take iPad home and do homework on them. The Academy conducted various programs for introduction of modern technologies in the learning process, but using tablet was most effective in this regard. As the Assistant Director Jonathan Pratt said that they tried to provide students access to computers in libraries, created a separate computer rooms and even held classes without teachers. In this regard, iPad was excellent tool, as it provided more interesting and interactive learning material and allowed students interact with it. (Ion 2012)

Tablets can be used at language lessons, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and also at music and drawing lessons and even sports. No matter how good are the textbooks, Internet provides much more diverse information which is easy to find. Ability to connect to the Internet will be useful for all disciplines, both for physics, mathematics or literature. Different applications for tablets offer new opportunities for learning. Interactive lessons help to improve the effectiveness of learning and every student can find something interesting and useful for him.

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of tablets are different applications that are interactive educational programs for schoolchildren and students. The advantage of such programs is that children can learn through playing, boring subjects become more interesting for children and lessons more exciting. Thus, children can dive into the ocean of knowledge through games, while parents and teachers don’t have to make them read boring textbooks and do boring tasks. For example, we can consider some applications that Apple company offers for iPod users, namely applications for science and social studies for pupils and students. The first interesting application is 101 Science, which provides quizzes for schoolchildren 8-12 year old on General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. Children can repeat the material learned at the lessons, as well as learn new facts. With the help of Science Glossary application schoolchildren can find hundreds of terms and facts from the world of Science, for example to get prepared to the school tests. The Chemical Touch provides a clear and simple periodic table, which is colorful and very convenient to use. Planets application is an exciting interactive 3D guide to the solar system. No less exciting and interesting for children is Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections application, which provides access to a great large collection of pictures, photos and information about dinosaurs, which are so interesting for children. And Timeline Eons provides clear and understandable graphic representation of the natural and human history, and children can easily get to any historical period and find out what was happening on our planet millions of years ago. This is an indispensable application at the history lessons, as well as for curious children. World Wiki application provides information about 200 countries that can be interesting and useful for children. This application can be used at geography lessons, as well as for home study. Constitution application will help schoolchildren to prepare to the American History lessons. It provides all the articles and amendments in a clear and easy to read format, as well as important historical documents.

These and many other interesting and useful applications for children of all ages make studying really interesting and easy. Colorful and interactive applications motivate children to reading and learning new information, both at the lessons and at home. Every pupil or student can find something interesting and useful for him. Undoubtedly, tablets and educational applications at school represent a new stage in the education system, which opens up many new opportunities for children.

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