Victory Human Services essay

Victory Human Services is a privately funded, non-profit organization which aims at the provision of social services and assistance to people with developmental and mental disabilities. The agency is mainly oriented on non-profitable activities which can facilitate the life of people with developmental and mental disabilities. In actuality, the organization employs well-qualified professionals who are able to work with people with mental and developmental illnesses and the personnel of the organization has an extent experience of work with this category of people. Victory Human Services operates for more than 70 years that proves that the agency’s experience ensure the high quality of services provided by the agency to its target patients.

At the same time, it is important to underline the fact that Victory Human Services assists not only people with mental and developmental illnesses but also members of their families. In such a way, the agency performs a very important social function since often members of people with mental and developmental illnesses are unprepared to treat their relatives effectively, while the professional assistance of Victory Human Services helps both patients and their relatives.

The funding of the organization heavily relies on charity and, it is mainly due to donation and sponsorship of individuals and private organizations, Victory Human Services have managed to maintain a stable performance for 70 years. In such a situation, the agency also attempts to develop close cooperation with state and public agencies in order to coordinate its work with the work of these agencies and insure the high quality of services being provided for patients with mental and developmental problems. On the other hand, the agency could improve its services due to the state support, which, though is poorly developed. This is why the agency is traditionally oriented on private donations and financial support, which allow Victory Human Services meet its annual budget plans.

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