Violent video games and its impact on adolescents

a. Arguments for violent video games;

In turn, there is proven information that violent video games develop human intuition. As a fact, a person that has significant experience in violent video games better understands how to behave in the new game or life situation. Moreover, many studies have shown that the players, who prefer violent video games improves their reaction. It should be noted that researchers from the University of Rochester have proved that violent video games develop the reaction gamers and help them make decisions faster, not only in games but in life too. This is so-called “charging” of the brain, where trains stations, which are responsible for attention and reaction, as well as the ability to focus.

However, the strategy and role-playing games, in this case are absolutely useless. Before they came to such conclusions, scientists brought together active gamers, and people, who do play in computer games at all. Each of them was offered to monitor the point on the screen, which randomly moved among hundreds of same, and at the same time, to comment its actions. Of course, the fans to spend their leisure time for the virtual destruction of another monster coped with the task much better than the opponents, as described in What impact does playing video games have on children or adolescents?

b. violent video games effects on the adolescents are unfounded;

Also, it is essential to note that not all scientists blame violent computer games in all teenagers’ problems. Of course, there are quite innocent and good video games that not cause harm to children. As a fact, there are different video games and some of them help children to review their potential and logical thinking. Many games are even beneficial, because children develop useful skills and learn to find effective solutions in difficult situations. In principle, any passing the game from the beginning to the end is the real victory, and without any doubts is essential for normal child development. And the fact that children are aggressive can be explained not only by violent video games influence but also such factors as dysfunctional family situation, peer influence, availability of firearms, etc., as stated in Does Violence In Video Games Affect Children?

Moreover, I would like to mention that whatever violent is video game, it will never be able to provoke playing person to the manifestation of violence, if he/she was not inclined to this. The tragedy, that happened several years ago in an American school, when two teenagers shot several classmates and teachers, was the reason for the lawsuit to the creators of computer games, in which teenagers used to play. On the one hand, this fact is rather evidence of grief of parents, who need to find a scapegoat, and, perhaps, the greed of lawyers. On the other hand, it is wrong to think that the game can provide the impetus for mental breakdown. Another matter that it might be the last straw, but it is a straw, and the root cause lies elsewhere ”“ in the structure of the human psyche. Likewise, the final straw may be overlooked movie, a book or a conflict in the family.

III. Summary

To sum it up I would like to say that today we live in an era when it is difficult to imagine the implementation of any action without a PC.

Computer is not a monster, but it is very useful assistant in your everyday life. Moreover, I would like to say that such specialties as computer programmers and web-designers are the most demanded and highly paid nowadays. The problem lies in the fact, that previous generation refuses to accept new generation’s passion ”“ video games. Consequently, today, the prevailing view is that the video games, especially violent video games have inevitable negative impact on children’s psychics only because the fact that our parents, in their time, used to walk on the street but not playing games. It can be said that there are number of social stigmas associated with violent video games, but there are no proven studies that confirm that the fascination with games affects the character of the person. Moreover, there is proven information that violent video games develop human intuition and also many studies have shown that the players, who prefer violent video games improves their reaction. All in all, there is no clear evidence that violent video games claimed serious effects on the behavior of adolescents.

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