Waiting on Marriage

Traditionally, marriage played a very significant role in the life of people. However, in recent years, under the impact of profound socio-economic and cultural changes marriage has started to lose its significance. As a result, nowadays people do not really wait for marriage and start their relationship without any legal or religious ceremony that would legalized their actions in view of society or God. In actuality, such a situation is quite dangerous because it undermines the institution of the family and makes relationship between people more routine. In such a situation, the growing number of divorces and families that fall apart is quite natural since people that cannot wait for marriage turn to be unable to appreciated the family life and create really solid families.  This is why waiting on marriage could improve the situation and increase the significance of traditional family values.

First of all, it should be said that people should wait for marriage because it is a very important tradition, which actually contributes to the recognition of relationship between two persons. What is meant here is the fact that marriage is the act that signifies the maturity of spouses and their readiness to the family life. Without marriage their relationships are rather based on provisional emotions, than on a strong and real feeling. In fact, marriage could be viewed as a spiritual union of people and the wedding is actually a symbolic step which means the readiness of the couple to take responsibilities of the family life and it is also a symbol of their true feelings that will not disappear in a day.

In such a way, marriage may be viewed on two levels: social and individual. On the social level, people wait for marriage and their wedding proves their readiness for family life in view of their social environment, while their relationship before marriage are, as a rule, not recognized by society and, therefore, are not supported by society. On the individual level, it is very important that they were able to wait for marriage because the period they wait for marriage may be viewed as a kind of a test period. In other words, while waiting on marriage people can find out the extent to which they really love each other and whether they are a perfect match for each other or probably, in contrast, they are absolutely different and will be unable to afford living together. Moreover, during this period they can simply find new partners and start new relationships, which would definitely destroy their familial life. This is why they need some time to wait before their marriage.

Finally, it is necessary to underline that often people are simply not ready for the family life when they start their relationships before marriage that may be viewed as a mark of their immaturity. In such a situation it is obvious that such people should wait for marriage in order to avoid undesirable mistakes they can commit in the result of their immaturity.

Thus, people apparently should wait for marriage in order to create a sold family, test their feelings to each other, and legalize their relationship in view of the public.

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