Wal-Mart Stores essay

Wal-Mart Stores is one of the largest retailers in the US and the world. The company is also one of the largest employers in the US. Wal-Mart has reached a tremendous success due to the effective, although questionable management because the management has proved to be quite effective but has raised a number of ethical and legal issues. In such a context, the role of top executives of the company was and still is particularly important.

The Chairman of the board of Wal-Mart S. Robson Walton is the son of the founder of the company. He graduated from the University of Arkansas, where he obtained the bachelor degree in business administration, and the Columbia University School of Law in New York City, where he obtained the doctorate degree. He started his professional career in Conner and Winters in Tusla, Oklahoma and he became the chairman of Wal-Mart in 1992.

Mike Duke is the President and CEO of Wal-Mart, who joined the company in 1995 and worked as the executive in charge of international relations of the company before he took the position of the CEO. He became the CEO in 2009 and is renowned for his ability to work in the culturally diverse environment.

Sam Walton is the founder of the company, whose contribution in the development of Wal-Mart can hardly be underestimated. He founded Wal-Mart and laid foundation to the corporate culture and principles of the development of the company. His progressive ideas affect consistently the development of the company. Even today, his impact remains to be very significant on the development of Wal-Mart.

Thus, top executives of Wal-Mart contributed and still contribute to the successful business development of the company.


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