Watching Violence on TV Turns Viewers into Criminals

The contemporary society faces a very important problem, the problem of violence on TV which affects dramatically viewers. The situation is constantly growing worse because the technological progress makes the world overwhelmed by information which people constantly receive from different sources. Naturally, it results in the growing impact of media on people. Probably the most significant impact is produced by television. It is quite logical because the contemporary world is getting to be more and more virtualized and people gradually become involved in the virtual world created by mass media, especially television. Unfortunately such a situation is rather dangerous since often media, including television, produce an extremely negative impact on human psychology. As a result many researchers have found that violence on television may produce a negative impact on viewers. In other words, it is possible to say that violence on TV breeds violence in real life. This research aims at the development of these findings with a particular concern on the problem of the correlation between violence on TV and real life. It is particularly important to find out what is the impact of violence on TV on children because it will define the future socio-cultural and psychological development of the whole society. In order to receive possibly more objective results of the research it is necessary to review literature related to the problem, clearly define the purpose of the research and combine qualitative and quantitative methods of research.


Nowadays television plays increasingly more important role in the life of people. In this respect it worthy to note that the category the most susceptible to the impact of television are children and the extent, to which violence on television affects their psychology and social behavior, defines their future social life. Despite the fact that television contributed significantly to the development of technologies, telecommunications, culture and it affected greatly the lifestyle. In such a situation, it should be pointed out that the impact of television is not always positive. On the contrary nowadays it is possible to speak about a very serious negative impact of television on people’s psychology, health, social behavior, etc. and one of the most serious problems is the problem of violence on television which provokes violent and anti-social behavior of people in real life situations.

Naturally, in such a situation, the future generations are in great danger because the world is getting to be more and more virtualized. In this respect children are probably the most exposed to negative impact of violence on TV and they suffer from negative effects of television because the earlier an individual starts watching television the more influenced he/she will be. Unfortunately, the development of television in recent years is rapid but there are a few indications at the improvement of the general situation as for its negative impact on a personality. Moreover, it even seems to be growing more violent that a decade ago and the trend keeps progress. This is why it is extremely important to start working on the solution of the problem, especially in relation to children since they are influenced much easier by television and more seriously than adults because of peculiarity of their psychology which is in the process of formation. Obviously, it is necessary to research the problem of impact of violence on television on people, especially children, in order to find out possible solutions, which would minimize its negative effects.

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