web 2.0 essay

The main idea of web 2.0 technologies is user-generated content. Unlike web 1.0, which was the place to find information, web 2.0 is the place to share information. User-generated marketing is the most effective one, so Rob’s Records could use emerging technologies for the Social Shapers of Technology promotion.

  1. Web-site is the internet-analog of business card, though its possibilities are wider. Web-site of the group should combine static and dynamic information. Web-blog is the easiest way to publish news. Its advantages are easy and unlimited updates and visitors’ comments.
  2.  Twitter is the service of short messages  that can be sent and received by internet and mobile services. It can contain web-links, so it is brilliant opportunity for announcements.
  3. “You tube” channel helps to create personal collection of videos. Other users can watch videos, comment them, subscribe to channel, post their video-answers and so on.
  4. Online music services like Last.fm enables users to listen music on line for free, to create and to share play lists, etc. Musician can earn royalties when someone listen its composition on his service.
  5. Facebook is the social network that could help personalize the whole band and its musicians.


Though “Depech Mode” group was formed almost 30 years ago, its site presents multitude of modern technologies. Thus, in the lower right of main page is “DM twitter fun feed” block. It downloads facebook statuses and twitter messages through DM twitter account. Also site links to DM youtube channel (59 videos, more than 25,000 subscribers), “Myspace”Â  and “Facebook” accounts (the last has more that a million fun friends) and iLike page (650,000+ funs, up to hundred listeners at moment) iLike is online music service specialized on iTunes, music for revolutionary gadget iPod. Besides, two links to online stores  are in site. At Last.fm service “Depesh Mode” has number 31 in global popularity rating with 1,420,513 listeners.

“Audioslave” is rather new project that chose another approach to site building. Menu on its site reflects the lists of links to group channels in web 2.0 services. Thus, “community” includes several “Myspace” accounts, links to fun sites, “Video” provides links to video channels on aol.com and yahoo.com music video channels. Although the project was disbanded in 2007, its channels are still rather popular. Most funs subscribes to the personal channels of musicians on the same services after the “Audioslave” collapse, saving the target auditory.


Web 2.0 technologies help find the target audience of band and widen its popularity through information exchange in the social networks and services.

The next two steps should be the following:

1) selection and preparation audio and video files along with band pictures to publish on social networks and online-services. It would be reasonable to select files for two groups: available for free and paid versions. For examples, low-quality or shortened music track could be free, but to get its high-quality full version user must purchase it.

2) creation band accounts on the most popular social networks and online services. It would be far-sighted to develop brand style of the band and to use the similar design for all accounts. However to awake interest, create and enliven community, somebody has to represent band in social networks, because as was stated above, information spreads from user to user.

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